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Ready to get your tween started with good hygiene?! These kits have what you need to target their changing bodies. #HairSkinBody

TBH Kids Hair Kit: 3-piece set includes Shampoo, Conditioner, and TBH Detangling Brush.

TBH Kids Skin Kit: 3-piece set includes Gentle Face Cleanser, Gentle Face Wipes, and TBH Kids' Pimple Patches.

TBH Kids Body Kit: 4-piece kit includes 2 Body Washes, Deodorant and Shower Loofah.

BONUS: FREE Pimple Patches with each Kit purchase.


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Each of these kits are a complete solution for kids and tweens struggling with greasy hair, oily skin, or body odor associated with puberty.

Nettle - Nettle controls oil in hair without stripping natural oils. This natural ingredient treats hair loss and helps in hair growth.

Vitamins B & E - Vitamin B and Vitamin E help carry nutrients to the scalp, which aids in hair growth, also adding moisture and shine to hair.

Cucumber - Cucumber contains vitamin C, which fights to reduce inflammation and irritation on the skin.

Aloe - Aloe helps fight acne as its cleanses and lightly moisturizes skin.

Murumuru butter - Murumuru butter is a natural anti-inflamatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral that helps soothe sensitive or irritated skin while sealing the moisture in. It also has antiseptic properties that heals the skin.

Charcoal - Charcoal absorbs wetness and draws toxins out from underarms.

Apply small amount of Kids Shampoo to hair, work into a lather and rinse thoroughly
Apply Kids Conditioner, begin at the ends and work up to roots
Apply Kids Body Wash liberally to wash cloth or loofah and lather up
Apply small amount of Kids Face Cleanser to hands, work into lather and gently wash and rinse
Apply Body Lotion liberally all over body after shower or anytime skin feels dry
Hold Deodorant stick to skin as it will soften on contact and gently apply to underarms
Use Kids Gentle Wipes for added convenience at school, on the field or whenever skin needs a quick cleanse

Is your tween already in puberty? The Tween Starter Kit includes everything needed to keep your tween’s hygiene routine on track. With TBH Kids personal care products, they’ll look good, feel good and smell good from head-to-toe! #goodhabitsstartearly

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kelly McKone
Great deodorant!

My 11 year old LOVES the charcoal deodorant. She says it's the only deodorant she's used that really works. She also loves the "pimple patches". So glad we found tbh.

already my daughter's favorite

My 10 year old daughter loves this shampoo and conditioner. I have noticed that her hair seems cleaner and healthier. She used to have mild dandruff and after a few uses, I don't see that anymore.

Lillia Loera

KIDS HSB KITS (Hair♥Skin♥Body)

Kayla A.
Great products

MY tween son loves this stuff-it's "his" and doesn't smell too "adult" and/or perfume-y for an 11 year old. I'm hoping to set good practices in place early and TBH products have helped by making my son feel special in getting his own stuff.

Katie Rhodes

My daughter has struggled with greasy hair and itchy scalp for a few years, nothing we tried helped. She loves the way this smells and her hair looks great for two days now as apprised to a few hours before. She hasn’t complained of an itchy scalp since using this either.

Stephanie Botley-Glenn

I purchased these products because my son was developing pimples from wearing his mask. So far the products are working well! He loves the face wash and lotion.

Amy Hague
Pre-teen acne

I love the packaging and how easy it is for my 12 year old son to use on his own.

Susana Meisenhelder
Wonderful fragrance, nourishing

My little one has a little bit of dandruff on the right side of her scalp. I’ve tried a few different types of products to help. I’m hoping this one will do the trick. It’s creamy and gentle. The fragrance is wonderful.

Sarah Smith
She loves it!

I purchased all three kits for my almost 9 year old daughter. We put the pimple patches away for use when she’s older, but she loves all the other products!

Isispeoria Aboushusha
Products are Amazing

I purchased these products for my 10 year old due to her beginning to creak out. I used the patches and face wash and within about a week her face began to clear up. We also have the body wash and its been working well. Gentle on her skin and it smells good. I love having products specifically geared for her age group! I feel confident in her using these products!