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The best skin care and hair care products for kids and teens start with clean natural ingredients.  Not only is this better for your kids but it teaches them what to look for in their personal care products so that they build good habits. 

Puberty stinks but it doesn't have to! The Kids Skin Care Starter Kit includes everything needed to keep your tween’s hygiene routine on track. With TBH Kids personal care products, they’ll look good, feel good and smell good from head-to-toe!  #goodhabitsstartearly

The 7-piece kit includes TBH Kids Shampoo, TBH Kids Conditioner, TBH Kids Body Wash, TBH Kids Gentle Face Cleanser, TBH Kids Gentle Face Wipes, TBH Kids Body Wash, TBH Kids Body Lotion, and TBH Kids Deodorant.

BONUS: FREE pack of Pimple Patches with Kit purchase.

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  • TBH Shampoo cleans and nourishes all types of hair
  • TBH Conditioner controls oil and reduces frizz
  • TBH Body Wash gently exfoliates and hydrates
  • TBH Gentle Face Cleanser keeps pores squeaky clean
  • TBH Gentle Face Wipes cleanse conveniently on-the-go
  • TBH Body Lotion helps keep skin smooth and smelling great
  • TBH Deodorant helps neutralize odors and absorb wetness

Nettle - Nettle extract in TBH Shampoo and Conditioner help to control sebum (oil) in hair and scalp

Chamomile - Chamomile extract found in TBH Gentle Face Cleanser and TBH Gentle Face Wipes is great for sensitive and acne-prone skin types

Murumuru Butter - Murumuru Butter in TBH Body Lotion soothes and moisturizes dry skin

Charcoal - Charcoal absorbs wetness and helps to neutralize odors from underarms

  • Apply small amount of Kids Shampoo to hair, work into a lather and rinse thoroughly
  • Apply Kids Conditioner, begin at the ends and work up to roots
  • Apply Kids Body Wash liberally to wash cloth or loofah and lather up
  • Apply small amount of Kids Face Cleanser to hands, work into lather and gently wash and rinse
  • Apply Body Lotion liberally all over body after shower or anytime skin feels dry
  • Hold Deodorant stick to skin as it will soften on contact and gently apply to underarms
  • Use Kids Gentle Wipes for added convenience at school, on the field or whenever skin needs a quick cleanse

The TBH Kids Tween Starter Kit helps kids and tweens learn the importance of personal care and good hygiene with products made especially for them. TBH Kids hair care, skin care and body care collections are made with good-for-you ingredients meaning no harsh chemicals, no parabens and no sulfates. The transition through puberty can be a challenge, but we're here to help!

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Charna A Gamble
He says they are good.

My 9 (almost 10) year old says very few things are good besides video games and chocolate cake. I asked about his new bath products and he said they are good...that is a fantastic review by him! If he's happy I'm happy and will continue to purchase! Highly recommend! He doesn't need the deodorant yet but we are using it to get comfortable with it.

Michele Clore
My daughter loves it

My daughter was so excited to get this. She says it doesn’t irritate her face at all. She loves the shampoo too.

Connie Boggan
I'll never switch my kids to anything else.

I won't use anything else for my kids. My 7 year old has had some early hormone changes that has given her acne. Two weeks into using tbh and is almost COMPLETELY under control. Nothing has been harsh on her skin or her hair. I can't say enough good things about these products. If you've had issues with getting conditioner rinsed out properly, try theirs. It melted into their hair and rinse so well. 10/10 best products I've used for my kids.

Bridgett Robinson

I love everything about tbh I use it myself my boys really love it it's the best I would highly recommend it for all teens

Patricia A. Crist

I haven't given my order to our grandson yet. It is to be in his Easter basket next month.

Tiffany Kirkland
Very pleased

My son (10yr) just got this and has been using it for a few weeks now. He absolutely loves this product and the smell is very pleasant. This is a great starter kit for your preteens and gives them all they need to start their road to making good habits as they get older.

Deborah Paine
We love TBH!

I am so excited about these products formulated for tweens / teens. I have confidence in the safety of TBH and everything smells great.

susan simmons
Absolutely Perfect

I like this because my 11 year old grandaughter likes that she has her own things now. She uses all the time and smells so nice. Shampoo, conditioner and body wash she uses a bottle at a time, I love the pump because it shows her how much she really needs. Was a great idea to get it for her. I will replenish from here when she starts to run out. GREAT PRODUCTS

Ashley McMasters
Daughter loves it

Gentle on the skin but has also been effective

Great Products!!

My daughter loves everything in the starter kit. At the age of 9 she is already going thru puberty and these products have really helped. Her hair was getting greasy in less 1 day after washing and the shampoo and conditioner have really helped that. She also loves the fact that she has her own "special " products to use.