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TBH™ Spot Foam Face Wash gives kids and teens a gentle option to help manage acne.  It's non-drying formula effectively deep cleans pores and reduces redness without irritating skin. Using .4% beta hydroxy acid from plants, plus natural skin care ingredients like willow bark and jojoba, this cleanser exfoliates, removes impurities and hydrates skin to help prevent breakouts.

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  • Deep cleans pores gently yet effectively
  • Helps reduce pimples and blackheads
  • Gently exfoliates to remove dead skin, daily grime and impurities

Willow bark - Naturally derived from the bark of the willow tree. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial to clear pores to help alleviate acne and blackheads.

Gentle Plant-Based Acids - beta hydroxy acid from tree bark penetrates pores to dissolve dead skin cells that can cause build up and leads to clogged pores. It also purifies and exfoliates.

Jojoba - Jojoba helps regulate sebum (oil) production to help soothe and moisturize skin. It keeps skin from looking oily.

  • Use 1-2 pumps morning and night
  • Gently wash face in a small circular motion – do not rub.
  • Rinse with warm water and pat dry.  Be gentle.

Kids and teens need a skin care routine that uses natural ingredients to keep skin looking clear, clean and pimple free.  Our gentle foaming spot wash helps to manage acne without the redness and irritation that is sometimes caused by harsh chemical cleansers.

Tip:  Wash in small circles, don’t scrub and pay extra attention to your T-Zone. Gently pat dry, do not harshly rub your skin.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Love it

Super easy for my pre teen to use. It quickly and easily became part of their routine. Already seeing results. Happy with my purchase!

Jackie Overton

My granddaughter is 12 and would break out once in awhile. I saw your beginner kit on FB so thought I would get it for her. She LOVES it! She has a daily routine now! WELL... her 5 year old sister was Jealous of her sister’s gift . She called me complaining so I ordered her a beginner pack and she was so excited when it came in the mail. Your product is so gentle that even a five-year-old can use it without any issues. 😊

Gg Clark
Mom and daughter approved

Got this for my daughter and it’s been great for her skin. I started using it too and I’m now a fan!

Alexa Merlos
Love it!

My daughter is 11 yrs old and she started puberty sometime last year. She has little break outs here and there but she loves this product. Leaves her face clean and soft. She uses it regularly. This is such a great product for kids! Once she runs out I will definitely buy again.

Parker Eastman


Amanda Pletcher
Perfect for preteen!

This face wash is formulated perfectly for preteen skin. The ingredients are just strong enough to help with breakouts but gentle enough for preteen skin. My 11 year old daughter loves it! Smells super good and doesn’t dry out her skin either!

Zoey Ziegler
Love it and it’s Easy to rinse

It smells great and is easy to rinse off -something my tween needs. Her skin stays cleaner as well. Love this product.

Crystal Mulligan

Hi I bought this about a week ago. For my 11yr old daughter. She's been having alot of acne and dark spots. Couldn't find anything that worked. Only been a week see a big improvement. Her acne is clearing up. I'm so happy. Will keep using this for now on

Anonymous person
Great face wash that I highly recommend!

I use the spot foaming face wash twice a week and the regular TBH face cleanser all of the other days. My face has never been so clean and healthy! I have only been doing this a few weeks and my face is already breaking out less. Highly recommend!

michelle c.
Repeat Customer

I originally bought these products for my daughter, now I use them everyday. The wash is perfectly scented and refreshing. Awesome for summer beach trips!