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Healthy hair starts with scalp care. The TBH Kids Scalp Refresh Kit is the complete 3-piece hair care solution for kids and tweens struggling with greasy, oily hair associated with puberty. TBH Kids Shampoo is specially formulated to gently cleanse hair and helps control sebum (oil) with natural Nettle and Meadowsweet extracts. Pairs perfectly with nourishing TBH Kids Conditioner for healthy, shiny hair that smells amazing! Use the included TBH Scalp Massager to exfoliate dry, itchy scalp.

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  • TBH Kids Shampoo gently cleanses hair and helps to control sebum (oil)
  • TBH Kids Conditioner reduces frizz and adds moisture for healthy scalp
  • TBH Kids Scalp Massager exfoliates dry, itchy scalp
  • Nettle - Nettle helps to control sebum (oil) in hair without stripping natural oils.

    Meadowsweet - Meadowsweet is a soothing herb that helps to control oils while hydrating hair.

    Jojoba - Jojoba nourishes and strengthens hair, while moisturizing the scalp to soothe dryness.

    Vitamins B & E - Vitamin B and Vitamin E help carry nutrients to the scalp, adding moisture and shine to hair.

  • Apply small amount of TBH Kids Shampoo to hair
  • Work into a lather
  • While holding the TBH Kids Scalp Massager in hand, gently press the rubber tips to the scalp with medium pressure and massage (Tip: Avoid large circular motions to prevent tangling. Can be used in or out of the shower.)
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Follow up with TBH Kids Conditioner
  • Your tweens’ hormones brought on by puberty are wreaking havoc on their self-esteem, causing mood swings and producing excess sebum (oil) known to cause greasy hair. That’s why it’s important to start a healthy hair care routine with the Scalp Refresh Kit that helps to promote cleanliness and good hygiene habits for kids and tweens.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Laura Holmes


    Khaophon Nokeo


    Nicole Rhodes
    Works great!

    My daughter was having an itchy scalp and I’m not convinced she was getting all the shampoo out of her hair when she showered. This has
    helped to really scrub her scalp and get all the shampoo out! It smells great too which is a plus! She now loves washing her hair! It also leaves her hair soft and easy to brush.

    Nadiesky Ruiz Acosta

    I will surely buy again

    Wendi Offen
    Love it

    I bought this for my 8 year old daughter. I have noticed a difference after only a few washes. The brush helps her to get her scalp cleaner and her hair looks better.

    Michelle L
    I can't believe it!

    My daughter's hair has been so greasy for months. I kept yelling at her to wash her hair every night and make sure she rinsed properly. I have bought tons of products. Nothing helped.

    A couple weeks ago, out of nowhere, she broke out all over her face. She has KP and is super sensitive. I ordered tbh spot wash, wipes and stickers. I threw in the shampoo and conditioner.

    The shampoo worked immediately. I couldn't believe it. Her face is clear again. Thank you!

    Great products!

    My daughter is very happy with her new shampoo and conditioner and they both smell so good! We were also very surprised with the free gifts that were sent with our order! Happy customer for sure!

    Jessica Guinan
    Great product!

    My daughter's scalp is no longer as dry & we see lots less flaking in her hair! This product smells SPECTACULAR!!!!

    Jessica Ayala
    Shampoo and conditioner

    The shampoo and conditioner smell fantastic. They also leave my boys’ hair soft, moisturized and without flakes!

    Alexa Merlos
    In love!

    I love this shampoo!! My daughter is 11 years old and she was suffering with lots of dandruff. I was buying products to help her with dandruff and nothing was helping. I came across this website and love how organic ingredients are. She’s been using this shampoo and conditioner for about a month now and her hair has gotten so much smoother, it reduced her dandruff which I’m so happy about! The smell of the shampoo is amazing. I will definitely keep buying this product as it’s worth it!