What allergens are TBH Kids products free from?
TBH Kids products are free of gluten, tree nut / peanut, soy and dairy. Our natural products contain no animal biproducts.
Can I mix and match the facial products?
Absolutely! You can build your own natural skin care routine. Use the Gentle Face Wash along with Spot Wipes. Mix in the Spot Wash once or twice a week or right around breakout times. Keeping the Gentle Wipes in your backpack or sports bag is also a great idea!
Should I shampoo every day?
NO! Shampooing every day will strip your hair of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy. Your scalp will also produce more oil in your scalp if you wash it too often. It may sound counterintuitive but washing every day will make your hair oilier.
Can I use the natural deodorant more than one time a day?
You sure can! Keep one in your backpack and give a swipe whenever you feel you need it.
How long will my TBH Kids natural products last?
From the time you buy it, if left unopen, you have roughly 3 years to use it. Once you open, it you should finish it within 12 months. Nothing bad will happen after that it just won’t be as effective.
Do you offer samples?
We put samples in every package we send! Right now, we only samples of shampoo and conditioner, but we are working on more.
What if I want to try the products before I buy them?
We get it. Sometimes you try something you just don’t love it. Then what? We offer a 365-day guarantee on all our products. Don’t like what you bought? Reach out to hello@tbhkids.com and we will send you a new product to try. Want to try shampoo and conditioner before you buy? Just send us an email with your name and address and we will get a couple out to you.
How long will it take until my order arrives?
We try and ship within 48 hours of order receipt. If you order on a Friday, your order won’t go out until Monday. Otherwise you should get your tracking within a day or so. We ship all our packages USPS priority which is a 2-3 day shipping window.
Why don’t you offer coupons?
We find that offering rewards is a way better way for our customers to save money. Sign up is free and you will start earning trophies right away. One hundred trophies = $10 off your next purchase, or save them for a bigger discount. Once you sign up for rewards you will also be invited to special member only sales and promotions. BTW, your trophies never expire.
Is your natural body wash ok for boys and girls?
Sure is! We put a special emphasis on making sure the scent is perfect for guys or girls. The natural body lotion is great too btw, and yes boys can use it!