TBH Kids®: Responsible Hair, Skin and Body Care for Tweens.


Simply the Best Ingredients

Ever wondered why product labels read like a science project? We did too. So, we chose a simple route with ingredients you can actually pronounce. See ya, harsh chemicals and common allergens (we won’t miss you). Hello, good-for-you solutions.

Results You’ll Want to Talk About

It’s no secret: first use and you’ll see the difference. It’s like we’ve bottled a bit of magic—minus the unicorns. With ingredients like murumuru butter and chamomile, our products give the glow and shine without the grease and oil.


Complex routines? Children don’t need them. Children using adult products? We say a BIG NO! We’re all about making life easier, no extra homework here. Our safe, effective solutions are like your favorite superhero—fast, powerful, and always ready to save the day. This leaves more time for the fun stuff while feeling confident and smelling great.