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Running out of your fav haircare products is far from ideal, be prepared with the TBH Kids Shampoo & Conditioner Liter Duo. The solution for kids and tweens struggling with greasy, oily hair associated with puberty. TBH Kids Shampoo is specially formulated to gently cleanse hair and helps control sebum (oil) with natural Nettle and Meadowsweet extracts. Paired perfectly with our nourishing TBH Kids Conditioner for healthy, shiny hair that smells amazing!

BONUS: FREE pack of Pimple Patches with Kit purchase.

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  • TBH Kids Shampoo gently cleanses hair and helps to control sebum (oil)
  • TBH Kids Conditioner reduces frizz and adds moisture for healthy scalp

    Nettle - Nettle helps to control sebum (oil) in hair without stripping natural oils.

    Meadowsweet - Meadowsweet is a soothing herb that helps to control oils while hydrating hair.

    Jojoba - Jojoba nourishes and strengthens hair, while moisturizing the scalp to soothe dryness.

    Vitamins B & E - Vitamin B and Vitamin E help carry nutrients to the scalp, adding moisture and shine to hair.

  • Apply small amount of TBH Kids Shampoo to hair
  • Work into a lather
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Follow up with TBH Kids Conditioner
  • Over-washing and scrubbing the scalp can actually lead to more oil production! Kids and teens should wash their hair every few days to prevent oil glands from overproducing extra sebum. Sounds counter intuitive but trust us!  Use conditioner sparingly and do not put it directly on the scalp. A few inches from the top of the head or just on the ends is plenty.

    Also, avoid overusing hair products such as serums and oils. Try to stick with hair care products that contain simple natural ingredients that you recognize. Less is more!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Daughter loves it!

    Shampoo and conditioner are great. Love the scent and really cleans my daughter’s oily hair well!

    Kara McCabe
    Great product!

    We love how soft and shiny her hair is after using TBH and it smells great too!

    Jayme Nies
    Great Product For Kids and Tweens

    I was so happy when I recently found out I could purchase the conditioner in a liter bottle now! We had not purchased conditioner in a while so this option may have been available for a while but new to us. I love all TBH products for my 9 year old and my 12 year old!

    Angela L.
    Definitely recommend!!!

    My daughter's hair always looked greasy after washing it with regular shampoo and conditioner. Once she started using the TBH shampoo and conditioner big difference. We won't buy her anything else.

    ❤️ Love

    This is the only shampoo & conditioner that helps my daughter’s hair and scalp! If she uses anything other than this brand her scalp will become extremely itchy and her hair becomes brittle and frizzy! I am extremely glad I came across this product and gave it a try!

    Traci Strawn
    LOVE IT!!!

    Absolutely love these products. My kids hair is absolutely amazing, smooth, smells great. Never buying anything else!!! The customer service is amazing as well. They sent me a small conditioner instead of the body wash I ordered and they were quick with a response and apologized and told me to keep the conditioner and sent me the body wash has been sent out so I highly recommend this company and their products.