Why Aluminum Free Deodorant is Great for Teen’s Sensitive Skin

  Most teenagers don’t think twice about the deodorant they use on a daily basis. They’ve been using the same one for so long it becomes second nature. But what if you knew there were alternatives to the norm you see on market shelves for all skin types? Would you switch if you knew the benefits?   Traditional aluminum deodorant and antiperspirants for teens work to prevent sweat in an effort to reduce body odor and maintain freshness.  They use aluminum salts to block sweat glands from stimu...

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Jenny Gerty
10 yr old loves it

My daughter loves it!! She uses the hair massager in the shower to help loosen the dandruff. It smells good and leaves her hair soft not slick. The deodorant goes on easy. She has exema, mostly on face, but i wanted a better product just in case her skin reacted. 2weeks in and she uses it everyday🤩

Suelyitmon Htwe
Best deodorant I have tried!

I have tried multiple different brands of deodorant from expensive to cheap but none of them worked as well as this one. When I put this deodorant on it lasted for two whole days.

MonaLisa Ed
Kids deodorant

Very good for youth and comfortable to apply. It was the first deodorant my daughter likes and the scent is very good.

Dallas McBee
Kids Deodorant

Bought this product fir both my Great Granddaughter n Great Grandson. They have been using for a week now and are very happy and like it. The temperature here is close to 90 degrees already. Very happy to find a all natural deodorant…. We’ll definitely be ordering more

Karen Wenz

Love and spreading the word about your products thank you

Nicole Grohar


Brandy Langley
Amazing products!

My daughters hair since she turned 10 became so oily, even with washing hair every day by the end of day it looked greasy. I used high end products & nothing seemed to help. I was even starting to notice the top of her head gave off a weird smell. So I finally googled what caused oily hair & found TBH products & found out that hormones can cause oily hair & even a scalp smell. After using TBH shampoo & conditioner we truly noticed a difference after just 1 day but now a week in I wish I would have known about TBH sooner. We even have been using the deodorant! Very satisfied!

Kayzie Watson
The deodorant

Amazing smell stopper.

Gaby Cornejo

My daughter loved it, the deodorant is her favorite ❤


I love this deodorant and with a lot of allergies to fragrances this is the perfect product.