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What is the Summertime Surrender?

It’s that moment your kids get out of the pool and you say to yourself “I guess you really don’t need to take a shower tonight”, or they go chasing after the ice cream truck just before dinnertime and you think “well, technically ice cream is dairy”.

It’s OK to surrender a little bit from the rigor of the regular school year, as long as your child can “freshen up” with the ultimate summer hygiene trio – wipes + deodorant + wipes again! This way, they can go from day camp, to the playground, to the pool without missing a beat. All while leaving the sweat and body odor behind.

TBH Gentle Wipes are mom’s secret weapon for summertime hygiene. Formulated with natural ingredients to make it strong enough for sweaty armpits but gentle enough for the face and body.

TBH Deodorant doesn’t cover up odor with strong fragrances, but rather fights teen and tween body odor with natural ingredients like charcoal, arrowroot powder, and coconut oil. It’s free from harsh chemicals and rolls on smooth.

TBH Spot Wipes deep clean pores to remove a day’s worth of play before bed. Deep clean pores by gently exfoliating to help prevent the oil and bacteria that causes acne, without drying out the skin.

BONUS: FREE Body Lotion with each Kit purchase.

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  • Easy On-The-Go Hygiene – gives your tweens and teens and easy option to take with them and begin to learn good hygiene habits early.
  • Makes Mom Feel Better – knowing that no matter where the day takes you, the kids have an easy option to freshen up and leave the sweat and odor behind.

Charcoal - Charcoal absorbs wetness and draws toxins out from underarms.

Chamomile - Chamomile has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help soothe the skin, reducing redness and blemishes. It can also relieve skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.

Aloe - Aloe helps fight acne as it cleanses and lightly moisturizes skin.

  • Use the wipes gently anywhere, anytime you need a quick and easy refresher. Great for after sports or any activity to clean off dirt and grime.
  • Use the deodorant, hold stick to the skin as it will soften on contact and then gently apply a small amount underarms.

Let’s face it, summertime is the ultimate test of hygiene for kids and teens. Lots of activity and hot weather have the potential for some very sweaty and stinky times!  Showing kids that there are practical things they can do to maintain hygiene on-the-go can lead to a lifetime of good habits. And learning about what ingredients they put on their body is just as important.  We created our Summertime Surrender Kit as a practical solution for families who want to enjoy summer while staying clean and fresh.  

Tip:  Keep TBH Gentle Face Wipes and Deodorant in your backpack as part of a natural daily skin care routine to help keep away daily grime and odor! Perfect for after sports, workouts, overnights and anytime you just need a freshening up.

Customer Reviews

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Mixim Murchison
My **** son was excited to get his package in the mail

My son was super excited to get his package in the mail. I think that helped to be more receptive to using the products (deodorant, lotions, face wash, etc.). As for the products, they are all good and smell really good. I will definitely be purchasing again.