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Wash away grime and help care for acne-prone skin for under $25.00! TBH Kids makes it easy for you to take on puberty step by step! #HairSkinBody

3-piece set includes:
• Kids Gentle Face Cleanser
• Kids Gentle Wipes
• Kids Pimple Patches

BONUS: FREE pack of Pimple Patches with Kit purchase.

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The HSB kits are a complete solution for kids and tweens struggling with greasy hair, oily skin, or body odor associated with puberty. 

Willow Bark - beta hydroxy acid from tree bark helps penetrate clogged pores and dead skin cells that may trap oil.

Cucumber - contains vitamin C, which fights to reduce inflammation and irritation on the skin.

Aloe - cleanses and lightly seals moisture into the skin.

  • Apply small amount of Kids Face Cleanser to hands, work into lather and gently wash and rinse.
  • Use Kids Gentle Wipes for added convenience at school, on the field or whenever skin needs a quick cleanse.
  • Apply Body Lotion liberally all over body after shower or anytime skin feels dry.

Is your tween already in puberty? The Tween Starter Kit includes everything needed to keep your tween’s hygiene routine on track. With TBH Kids personal care products, they’ll look good, feel good and smell good from head-to-toe! #goodhabitsstartearly

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Anna Gregory
Fantastic finds

I was on the hunt for kid friendly products to help combat my 12 year old daughter's new normal spots and wanted her to have a skincare/hygiene regime of her own. She loves the kit I bought, that includes deodorant, body wash, pimple patches, wipes, normal face wash and the spot wash. She had spots on her arms as well. Not sure if they were from an agitation from another body wash or just body acne. She says the spot wash helped them to go away as much as it helps the ones that occasionally appear on her face. She would love more of a scent variety for the body wash. Overall, we are very satisfied!!

Jackie Neesan
Great little kit

Got this for my 8-year-old who's starting to develop acne. I want to get her into a good skin care routine and this seems to be helping. I am not crazy about the pimple patches. They are very sticky and kind of hard to get off and I feel like they didn't do anything. I do feel like the face wash does a great job of cleaning her face. We haven't tried the wipes yet.

Camryn Aylor

It makes my skin so clear and refreshed! I use it every day and it made so many of my pimples wash away!! Definitely will re-purchase

Kristin Prather
Acne control great for kids

My daughter has very painful and large white heads all over her back. She also had them at her hairline. We purchased the face wash, face wipes, and pimple patches. The face wash completely cleared the area at her hairline and helped her back. The pimple patches made a huge difference healing the large and painful white heads on her back. I love how the ingredients are gentle and not as harsh as the chemical infused ones that I have tried to use on her before. The TBH kids skin care kit worked way better than any of the other skin care products I have tried off the shelf.

Dani Madden
Great starter kit

Love that they get wash and clothes! Great to get them in the habit of washing every day and using clothes for those extra busy days. The pimple patches are great too!

Darlene Torres
pre-teens loved it

I have 2 girls they were both excited to try their new face wash and pimple stickers. All though they have no pimples they thought it was cool to wear the different shape stickers.

Great face wash!

My daughter loves the face wash!

Amanda Balinski
Skin Care Kit

My daughter is 10 and didn't want to use it at first, but she loves the way it makes her skin feel. So we're working on a routine.

Karen Wenz
Products are amazing

Very satisfied and have recommended already! Great products

Medghine Stinfort

very good products