Good Habits Start Early

There I was sitting in a restaurant about to make an appointment for Jack to visit the doctor. His voice had been scratchy for days now and I was getting worried. I looked over at my sweet boy and then wondered why his face looked dirty around his top lip. Suddenly the room started spinning and I couldn’t catch my breath. My little man was growing up and puberty was upon us. I left the table, went into the ladies’ room and cried my eyes out for a few minutes. After I composed myself, I went back to the table and had a 3rd glass of wine. I knew what was in store and I was scared.

Soon his face was breaking out, his hair was oily, and my sweet baby started to smell, well, not so sweet. As the creator of Fairy Tales Hair Care, I knew I could help take care of the physical attributes of puberty. The mood swings were just going to have to be something I lived with.

TBH Kids was created to help tweens transition into and out of puberty by teaching them that good personal care habits start early. Puberty is hard enough, so we hope we can help guide them through this sometimes awkward phase and teach them to not only take care of themselves, but to read labels, understand good-for-you ingredients as well as ingredients/chemicals they should avoid.

We designed our packaging to appeal to kids – not the adults they will soon become. The text messaging on the bottles is relatable, fun and lighthearted. I’m proud of who my kids are becoming, but I do want to just hold on to them truly being kids a bit longer.

I hope you will check out our line of TBH Kids products. You’ll see we use minimal ingredients, safe actives and natural fragrances to ensure our kids are using effective, age appropriate products. For instance, if you see tiny little pimples and blackheads forming, our Spot Wash & Wipes uses .5% salicylic acid – below the standard percentages in teen products. Our Gentle Wash uses calendula, chamomile and cucumber essence to just get them into the habit of washing their faces after a long day of school, sports, camp, etc. And the TBH Deodorant is aluminum, fragrance, paraben free but includes charcoal & baking soda to ensure efficacy, witch hazel to cleanse and murumuru butter, coconut oil and sunflower seed oil to ensure a smooth application.

So, even though we can’t stop time and we can’t keep them little forever, we can help them go through puberty as easily and stress free as possible.

Visit us on Facebook or Instagram and tell us about the moment you noticed “that” change. The 10 best ah-ha! moment submissions will receive the entire TBH Kids collection!


Marketing dollars are moving on from millennials. Members of gen Z born between 1995 and 2015 are quickly becoming beauty and wellness brands’ new darlings. There were IBE NY brands in every category catering to the needs of the tweens and teens ready to make their own personal care purchases. And purchase they will. Market research firm Numerator estimates this cohort of approximately 61 million Americans wields spending power amounting to $143 billion.

Gen Z consumers are the new darlings for beauty and wellness brands. Founder Risa Barash says TBH’s mission is to “help kids transition into and out of puberty by teaching them good personal care habits, guiding them through this sometimes awkward phase, and teaching them to read labels and understand good-for-you ingredients as well as ingredients to avoid.” (IBE NY 2019 Beauty Trends)

TBH: As Fairy Tales Hair Care founder Risa Barash’s children got older, she saw the need for hair and skincare products targeted to teens hit with hormones for the first time. In October 2018, she launched TBH, a seven-product range targeting 8- to 15-year-olds with deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, face wash and wipes, and body wash and lotion under $10. “When my son turned 12, his hair was so oily, and I began to see tiny clogged pores and blackheads around his nose,” recalls Barash. “That’s when I realized that the next generation of the Fairy Tales Hair Care customer was growing up as well and the lightbulb went off.” Barash worked with Allen Mazie and Jothan Cashero at Workshop Branding to forge a fun and approachable look for TBH. She says, “We wanted kids to know this was made for them. The text message style on front of pack is just perfect to get the brand story, ingredients and purpose across in a way that kids and parents are certainly familiar with.” Barash is already fielding requests from parents and children for additional TBH products and plans to introduce new items next year.


From The Maker Of Fairy Tales Hair Care, New Brand TBH Handles Preteen Body Odor, Oily Hair And Pimples

When Risa Barash started Fairy Tales Hair Care with her husband Robert in 1999, their children Jack and Ava weren’t born yet. In the two decades since its launch, the couple’s kids’ brand and their now-teenaged children have matured considerably.

“About two years ago, I realized my kids were really growing up,” says Barash. “One day, my son came downstairs, and his hair was greasy. I said, ‘Jack, I told you to wash your hair last night.’ He said, ‘Mom, I did.’ I recognized that puberty was kicking in, and he needed ingredients that could help dry the oil on his scalp.”

The search for ingredients to tame the oil slick that was her son’s head led Barash to create TBH, a haircare, skincare and body care brand for tweens and teens. She discovered nettle, cedar bark and sage could curb sebum, and put them in its shampoo, an early bestseller. Barash rounded out the Fairy Tales subsidiary’s selection with eight additional essentials for the adolescent and pre-adolescent set, including Gentle Gel Face Cleanser, Spot Foam Face Wash, Body Wash, Deodorant and Spot Wash Wipes, a product to fight the pimples beginning to erupt around Jack’s nose.

“It’s for the next generation of the Fairy Tales’ customer,” she says. “After 20 years of Fairy Tales, a lot of these kids have grown up. We built the TBH database out of the Fairy Tales’ customer database and are growing it from there. We went out to our Fairy Tales’ customers first to give them a sneak preview via e-mail, and the response was phenomenal. The Fairy Tales’ fans have become TBH fans, which is really great.”

A subsidiary of Fairy Tales Hair Care, TBH has launched with nine products: Shampoo, Conditioner, Gentle Gel Face Cleanser, Spot Foam Face Wash, Body Wash, Body Lotion, Deodorant, Gentle Face Wipes and Spot Wash Wipes.

TBH went live online in January, and it’s experienced monthly sales increases averaging 20% to date. In its initial year available to consumers, Barash forecasts the brand will cross $1 million in revenue. Outside of its own website, TBH is available on Amazon, but its site is responsible for a majority of its sales. Nearly 70% of customers have repurchased TBH products on the site.

Teen and tween personal care is a tricky endeavor. Brands have to appeal to both parents forking over for products and their kids. Barash explains, “The hard part about this market is you want the children to have something fun that they like and that’s age-appropriate, and you also want the good ingredients that you know mothers are looking for.” TBH’s unisex packaging is designed to address the preferences of kids and parents. It has bright colors and graphics that suggest texting, and highlights natural ingredients such as quinoa, jojoba and meadowsweet.

“It’s for the next generation of the Fairy Tales’ customer. After 20 years of Fairy Tales, a lot of these kids have grown up.”

Pricing can be problematic as well. Parents aren’t typically willing to spend sizable sums on products for their sons and daughters. TBH retails its products for less than $10 each. Moms and dads “are just not going to spend a lot of money. You don’t know if your kids are going to like it or use it, and it’s expensive to raise kids today. I was very adamant that we would do the best we could on pricing,” says Barash, stressing, “Good-for-you ingredients shouldn’t be too expensive.”

The deodorant and spot wipes, which contain .5% salicylic acid, a lower percentage than most acne products aimed at teens and tweens, have been gateway products for TBH. With Barash’s daughter Ava as a tester, TBH went through eight deodorant formulations before landing on an aluminum-free mix of arrowroot, coconut oil, baking soda, charcoal powder, candelilla wax and murumuru seed butter, among other ingredients, to squelch pubescent and pre-pubescent stench. Along with her role as deodorant guinea pig, Ava chipped in expertise to help name TBH. Barash had originally planned to name the brand FYI.

“We wanted it to be youthful and fun, and everyone is using acronyms. Because of a trademark issue, we couldn’t get FYI. I talk to my kids about my business at dinner. My 15-year-old Ava—she was 13 or 14 at the time—said, ‘What is FYI? Do you mean TBH?’ We couldn’t believe that no one had trademarked it in personal care,” she recounts. “It was such a lesson in marketing. If you are marketing to kids, talk to kids.” For those not talking to kids, TBH stands for “to be honest.”

As it ramps up marketing, TBH is engaging with its target audience in venues and with activities it gravitates toward. For example, the brand noticed cheerleaders following it on Instagram. So, it will sponsor cheerleader competitions. Barash is open to trying different outreach efforts to boost awareness of TBH. Not every initiative has to produce instant results because Fairy Tales supports TBH’s parent company. The predecessor brand’s revenues have been advancing at a 35% annual pace recently, and it’s second only to Suave Kids in its category at mass retail in terms of sales. Fairy Tales is carried by Target, Walmart, CVS, Ulta Beauty, Wegmans, Hy-Vee and many more stores.

“My attitude with TBH is that it’s a line. You either take it all or don’t take it. I can do that now because I know that direct-to-consumer works, and I’m not looking to sell the business in three years for hundreds of millions of dollars.”

Discussing TBH’s marketing, Barash says, “I didn’t want to go crazy. We have not taken on any investor money. It’s self-funded, and we are dipping our toes in the water in the direct-to-consumer world. We have had a lot of kid influencers that love the brand. Our Instagram is filled with kids that love it. Because Fairy Tales is a successful business, I don’t need to pour millions of dollars into TBH right now. I can experiment to see what works and doesn’t work. I have that luxury, and I’m using it.”

TBH is weighing its retail options. Barash is bullish on it entering stores, but she’s being highly selective about the distribution partners the brand takes on. With Fairy Tales, she shares it was easy to place top performer Rosemary Repel on shelves, but she struggled to convince retailers to pick up the rest of its product portfolio. To avoid similar difficulties, Barash is interested in retailers committing to TBH’s full assortment.

TBH is projected to cross $1 million in revenue for its first year on the market. The majority of sales are coming from the brand’s own website.

“My attitude with TBH is that it’s a line. You either take it all or don’t take it. I can do that now because I know that direct-to-consumer works, and I’m not looking to sell the business in three years for hundreds of millions of dollars. This is my baby. So, I’m going to grow it as I see fit,” she says. “I want the right partner in retail or I’m not going to go there right now.”



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Check out my daughter she makes cool slime videos @lilywhite630 Thank you @tbh.kids for sending over these Tbh products for my preteen daughter to try out. She has always wanted skincare because she watches me doing my skincare all the time. She was so excited to receive these products. She had some tiny bumps on her face and the face wash cleared them up in like three days. I let her wear light makeup so she uses the face wipes in the morning for a quick cleanse and at night to remove any makeup before she washes up with the cleanser. The wipes are durable and she really enjoys them. The cleanser lathers up nice and smells lightly of cucumber. Ingredients include cucumber, chamomile, and calendula extracts. What makes me love these products even more is the fact that they are free of harsh chemicals, parabans, sulfates, and phthalates, they also are soy, dairy, nut, and gluten free! The only thing missing is a good moisturizer! Both my daughter and i am loving these products and definitely recommend to any preteen or early teen! You can save 25% offtbhkids.com using the code TBH25TY Thanks for your support

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Did you guys know Peyton is considered a tween? Is your head spinning? Because mine is!
Since she’s growing up, she needs hair and skincare products that are growing with her! She has been loving the Face Collection from @tbh.kids – which includes their Spot Face Wash & Spot Face Wipes!
I overheard her telling London they were special for her because she’s “almost not a little kid now” ? but she’s right!
TBH™ Kids products are for boys and girls, and they smell fantastic! They’re also super gentle, and made without all the “yuck” ingredients (like sulfates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals!). Save with code: TBH25TY

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Being the middle child is not easy. Iyla gets her big sister’s hand-me-downs and has to share just about everything with her little sister. #sponsored So when I told her that @tbh.kids came out with a tween hair care and body line that will be hers and hers alone, she was over the moon! tbh shampoo and conditioner smells amazing and leaves her hair looking and feeling clean. And it all comes in fun packaging that she can relate to. If you have a tween, you need to check out the entire tbh line at tbhkids.com and use TBH25TY to save 25%!

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Let’s just begin by saying how is it even possible Samantha is technically a tween?! I can’t even… she’s growing up way too quick & she needs hair care products that are growing with her! Enter TBH (To Be Honest) Kids – the first complete line of hair, skin & body products formulated with only good ingredients & also completely nut free which is perfect for Samantha’s allergies. Of course we’ve been loving on the shampoo & conditioner and can’t wait to share it with my tween clients in the salon too!

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